The Opening Theme is the theme song of The Amazing World of Gumball. The full introduction is aired along with UK airings of the show, but the US decided not to air the full theme. Instead, the US airs a shortened version that simply plays the ending note of the original opening theme along with the title screen of the series.

UK VersionEdit

In the United Kingdom and most other parts of the world, the opening theme music and video is played before each airing of The Amazing World of Gumball. The introduction is a disjointed display of various psychedelic images of various inhabitants of the city of Elmore, accompanied by a cheery and bright melody.thumb|right|182px

US VersionEdit

In the United States airings of The Amazing World of Gumball, the theme song is shortened to a length of five seconds. A possible reason for this is the American version of Cartoon Network wanted to run more advertisements during the commercial breaks. The actual reason was that during America's screening people disapproved of the intro, thus removing it from broadcast. Which is odd because America distributes all episodes anyways, why they only took it from the US makes little sense.


  • The theme song was written by the show's composer, Ben Locket.
  • The only one time the US version saw the opening theme is the series premiere episode The DVD The US also saw the UK opening on Tuesday, November 29th during a normal airing of the episode The Quest.
  • The Music was written before Gumball was fully produced to give Ben Bocquelet an idea of how the show might sound . Ben Locket was given a set of drawings by Ben Bocquelet as inspration. It later became the Theme song.
  • The US saw the full opening again in a re-run of The Quest in January 12, 2012.